T.T.S. Trading Ltd. is an import and export company. It was founded in the Netherlands in the beginning of 2002 and has steadily grown since then. At the moment the export is mainly from Thailand to the Netherlands but there are also excellent contacts in Vietnam, Indonesia and the other surrounding countries. In the mean time China also belongs to our working-ground.
A brief illumination of the present working method: With every order we first review who can deliver the asked product for the best price and the highest quality. Hereby, a sample will be sent for the buyer's approval to see if it lives up to his expectations. By so doing we can keep the quality of the order extremely high and we can correct swiftly if it does not meet your expectations completely.
Amongst others, our current clients buy jeans, T-shirts and silver jewellery as well as articles of food which are sent to the Netherlands on a regularly basis. These products are just a small part of the possibilities we have for importing and exporting from Southeast Asia. Furthermore, we will represent you on the spot. This ensures you guaranteed quality.
The director/owner of T.T.S. Trading Ltd. is the Dutch born T.M. Diependaal, who currently resides in Thailand but who visits his contacts in the Netherlands regularly.
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